Why You Need One of These Six Tiles in Your Bathroom NOW

Why You Need One of These Six Tiles in Your Bathroom NOW

Known for its versatility and beauty, tile is an obvious go-to for your next bathroom project. When selecting a tile, though, you will want to keep in mind your budget, the function of your room (guest bathroom or master bathroom? Powder room? Children’s bathroom?), and of course, design! I rounded up six different tiles that you need in your life, and hopefully one of these fits for your next project.


Concrete is a very strong, durable material that shouldn’t be limited to commercial purposes. Built for wear and tear, the material is actually very easy to customize AND maintain. Also, if you install radiant flooring beneath the concrete, your feet will thank you on cold winter mornings!


Subway tiles are the perfect combination of classic and trendy, and they look good with almost every type of finish, accent, and color. You can even combine the finish with wallpaper!


Geometric designs are truly having a moment right now. If you choose a hexagon tile for your bathroom project, you will be rewarded with a pattern that is durable, water-resistant, AND cool. Hexagon tile is most commonly used a floor tile, but what do you think of the mermaid vibes of this shower?


I will admit – the abstract look and feel of terrazzo isn’t my normal style, but I am intrigued by this vintage/Grecian trend! Made from various types of stone, this material is very low-maintenance and great for bathroom floors and counter tops. However, due to how abstract the pattern is, I suggest using in moderation!


This wouldn’t be a “best tile” list if it didn’t include marble. The classic medium is so elegant, and it can add a lot of value to your home. Do keep in mind that it is most high maintenance of materials on this list. Marble should be sealed yearly and cleaned on the regular.


If you are looking for more tile inspiration, check out how I’ve used some of these tiles in other projects! I used a lovely hexagon pattern in a kitchen renovation I recently did in Charlestown, and subway tiles in a luxury high rise. And if you’re ready to start using tile in your home, let me know!











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