What’s Your (Interior De)Sign?

What’s Your (Interior De)Sign?

When designing a space that is uniquely yours, you want to consider the harmony and energy the area gives to you. If you’re feeling lost on where to find those good vibes, look no further than the stars! Your zodiac sign is a fun way to fit your personality into your next interior design project. So tell me, what’s YOUR sign?

Aries – Art Deco

If you’re an Aries, your friends probably describe you as “bold” and “ambitious,” much like the art-deco style. The epitome of chic in the 1920s, this style is bright, opulent, and elegant.

Taurus – Traditional

A Taurus is known for being peaceful, calm, and tranquil. If this sounds like you, a traditional space will be the perfect place for you to relax and center. The traditional style is marked by depth, layering, neutrals, and contemporary lighting. All these aspects truly create a serene space.

Gemini – Shabby Chic

Geminis are known to be always on the move, and they love a bit of disorder and chaos (with limits, of course!) The perfect interior design style for this type of gal (or guy!) then? Shabby chic! Some may think that shabby chic is more like grandmother chic, but did you know that this style has roots in both California cool and French vintage? Soft, floral prints mixed with farmhouse touches are the perfect way to go with this style.

Cancer – Urban Modern

Intuitive. Insightful. Empathetic. These are all words I would use to describe a Cancer. Because a Cancer is so intuitive, he or she ALWAYS knows what is on trend, which is why the contemporary look and feel or an urban modern room is perfect.


Leo – Hollywood Glam

Leo is the sign of the lion, making those born from July 23 to August 22nd regal and passionate. We may not have kings and queens here in the U.S., but we do have Hollywood royalty and Hollywood glam! A Leo will feel right at home in a space fit for a king or queen of the silver screen.


Virgo – Scandinavian

When I think of Virgos, I immediately also think of the pragmatic and systematic Scandinavian style. You can do so much more with a Scandinavian-inspired room than IKEA, though! Think function, but with a playful, relaxing twist. A white space with gray undertones is a MUST for a Virgo room.

Libra – Transitional

The symbol of the Libra sign is a scale, so balance is very important to a Libra! I think a transitional space would be perfect for a Libra. What does this mean? A transitional space combines classic interior design elements with new, trendier pieces.

Scorpio – Industrial

Similar to Aries, Scorpios are known for their passion. However, a Scorpio is going to be drawn more towards stronger, modern shapes and designs. My recommendation for a Scorpio? Definitely an industrial style. The industrial style is very clean and slightly masculine, with a callback to machinery, raw woods, and unfinished metals. Basically, steampunk with some strong statement pieces.

Sagittarius – Contemporary

Did you know that there is a difference between the contemporary and modern design styles? Perfect for the intellectual Sagittarius, the contemporary interior design style is forward-thinking and free, with an emphasis on graphic lines.


Capricorn – Minimalist

I love my friends who are Capricorns because of their discipline. A Capricorn is great at making plans and routines, and sticking to them! A minimalist-inspired space would be perfect for a Capricorn. Minimalist style has a simple, no-fuss, straight to the point spirit – just like a Capricorn!

Aquarius – Coastal

As the quintessential water sign, an Aquarius will OF COURSE feel most at home in a beachy, coastal inspired space. Looking for some inspiration? Check out my Newport project for some gorgeous, oceanic vibes.

Pisces – Mid-Century Modern

The 1950s and 1960s were a time of pieces with simple silhouette and lots of function. It’s a mix of optimism and naturalism, and almost too perfect for the compassionate Pieces. Look for pieces that are fresh and poppy, but also clean and well-structured.

Your zodiac sign is just one way to get started on your next interior design project. Another way is to contact me so we can collaborate on what style works will work best in your space. Let me know if your next project should be zodiac-inspired, or if you had another direction in mind!





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