Design Ideas to Get Winter Cozy

Design Ideas to Get Winter Cozy

Looking back at my Conrad Boston project has me feeling cozy and warm inside. I wanted to share a few design tricks to help keep the winter blues away. Personally, I think a big part of that is making your home a place you loved spending time in because let’s face it, none of us want to leave the house when it’s just 8 degrees outside.

1. Layer throw pillows

What better way to get comfy on your couch than to have a bed of layered pillows to rest your head on. I love velvet textures most for not only comfort but a luxurious look. It’s a win, win!

2. Add plants

Greenery has a way of bringing warmth and life into a room. Add table and floor plants throughout your space in fun vases and planters. Don’t be afraid to play with colors and mix different types of botanicals for a bolder look.

3. Visit your local bar, at home

It’s no secret that a hot toddy can warm the soul. Here are a few tricks to keep your bar beautiful and ready to serve:

-Stack your bar with a variety of glass sizes. Keep sizes grouped together but add a mix of them to your bar shelves. You don’t want to have just wine glasses stacked, give it a more balanced look by adding in shorter whiskey glasses or even shot glasses to the next shelf over.

-Keep things organized with a tray – use them to place bottles on or as a setting for fruit.

-Add a pop of color. A great way to do this is with fruit, colorful bottles, or rose gold shakers.

-Hang art above the bar, create a focal point by highlighting the bar area with fun art or wall hangings above the bar. Try to keep art at eye level.


All photos taken from Desiree Burns Interiors’ Conrad Boston Design Project.


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