Top Five Interior Design Mistakes You Can Learn From

Top Five Interior Design Mistakes You Can Learn From

Something I love about interior design is that it is constantly evolving. It can be hard to keep up, and it is just as easy to lose yourself in all the new information and fashions. When this happens, you may lose a sense of yourself in your home and become a victim of interior design mistakes. Here are five common mistakes I see, and how you can avoid them.

Dark Spaces

A common interior design mistake I come across is too many dark spaces. By not utilizing the right curtains to let in natural light, and/or under-utilizing lamps and overhead lighting, your space becomes dark and dreary. My solution? Let in the light! Check out my blog for hanging curtains, but also ensure your room has multiple sources of luminescence and brightness, whether it be overhead, from lamps, or natural.

Show Me the Green

In-house greenery is having a moment right now, but I think it’s a classic interior design staple. Few people utilize having a bevy of plant-babies in their homes though! While you don’t need to be a complete greenhouse, I recommend finding a sunny space in your home that currently has no houseplants. Add 2-3 (I suggest succulents if you don’t have the greenest of thumbs!), and your space will transform instantly.

A Welcoming Space

An often-ignored space is one that everyone is going to walk through at least twice a day – your foyer! Your foyer should be a place you look forward to seeing, and one that makes it hard to leave home. It should be welcoming to your guests as well. However, this space is usually just a catch-all for clutter and mostly forgotten. I suggest a happy paint, or even a fun wallpaper, to welcome everyone into your home. I love this sweet little pattern from one of my projects in Milton. If you prefer bright, white walls, you could try a patterned runner as well. Complement with a fun focal piece, as well as some items that give the room function, like table for keys or mail.

Wrong Place, Wrong Hardware

One of the easiest mistakes to make is one of the easiest to fix! The wrong hardware in your kitchen or bathroom can really make the room uninteresting. But if you know how to adjust with the right fixtures, all you need to do is make a quick trip to Home Depot or Lowe’s! In my opinion, mixing metals like black and brass look best in a white kitchen, and brass by itself looks beautiful paired with quartz counter tops.

Make Yourself Comfortable

As I mentioned earlier, with so many interior design trends, it is easy to get lost. One thing I often notice is people will forgo comfort in order to make a space look on trend. I’m here to tell you that you can have something cool and contemporary, but is also a nice place to relax. I love adding velvet furniture to a room. It is very “in” right now, but there’s no better place to kick back with a good book or strong cocktail!

If you still need help wading through trends and finding a look that is right for you, let me know!

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