Three Interior Design Trends, and the Stories Behind Them

Three Interior Design Trends, and the Stories Behind Them

I love sharing the latest trends each season with you, but I thought I would do something a little different this spring. As I was researching, I found myself drawn to the stories behind what is in vogue right now. Trends for the spring include greenery, jewel tones, and unique pieces – but why? What is inspiring these trends? Keep reading to find out!

Trend: Greenery, florals, raw wood

Inspiration: Nature

All white spaces have been on trend for awhile now, but that trend is shifting towards an even more natural feel. Bringing aspects of the outdoors into your home is really big this spring, and there are so many ways you can do it! If you have a bright white room, or even a room painted muted gray, try pairing in some beautiful, earthy elements like raw wood finishes. After the dreary winter months, we want nothing but to be outside. For times when we can’t, bringing aspects of nature into your home is the perfect solution.

If this isn’t your style, another natural trend is greenery, which I’ve covered in other blogs. Plants can really make any room feel chic and on-trend instantly. What do you think of this faux palm tree?

If you are hesitant to bring strong elements into your home, you can always opt for a jungle, greenery, or floral themed wallpaper. I love this jungle printed wallpaper I found on Etsy!

Trend: Jewel tones

Inspiration: Pantone Color of the Year

Earlier in the year, I covered Classic Blue, the Pantone Color of the Year. This gorgeous shade is still having a moment, even in a season typically dominated by pastels. Jewel tones, like Classic Blue are very “in” right now for cabinetry and woodwork. My client from my Milton project was ahead of the curve with this majestic navy-blue island. I like this trend a lot because it veers away from the typical. As I said, spring is usually a time for pastels (which I love!), but it’s always unexpectedly fun to see these deeper colors have a moment during the spring months. Get the look here:

Trend: Curves

Inspiration: 1970s and 1990s

This spring, I am noticing a move away from traditional furniture silhouettes in favor of unique shapes and pieces. The inspiration behind this trend are the funky styles of the 1970s and 1990s. While these decades can be associated with bad trends (I’m looking at you, bell bottoms and cargo pants!), interior design inspired by these decades is nowhere near as embarrassing. When capturing the spirit of these decades, you can turn your space into something unique, eclectic, and chic – especially if you have a few different pieces that can be true focal points. I’m loving the use of curves in furniture and fixtures, which were common in the ’70s and ’90s as well. What are your thoughts?

Do you have a spring or an early summer interior design projects in the works? Let me know, and let’s see if any of these trends or others will be right for your home!


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