The Psychology of Interior Design: How to use design to improve your mood during gray winter months.

The Psychology of Interior Design: How to use design to improve your mood during gray winter months.

Tap into Nature.

Plant therapy is real.  Not everyone is a fan of bringing the outside in, but plants have an overwhelming ability of making a home feel “happy.” Psychologically speaking, the presence of a plant has shown to improve overall well-being, reduce anxiety, lower blood pressure, productivity, and generally make you feel good.  With that being said, plants are more than just decoration! It can be as simple as adding some fresh flowers to your coffee table to help boost your attitude and brighten your day.

I’m always a fan of adding floor plants to a room. CB2 has some really great faux floor plants that are sure to look great year round if you are more of a low-maintenance fan.


Speaking of brightening your day… Natural light has been proven to have a positive and direct impact on our moods. Catching rays of natural sunlight can boost our moods and overall happiness. Studies show that exposure to natural light can heighten our emotions, make us feel more energetic, and can even help with symptoms of depression.  Say goodbye to heavy, darker-shaded curtains and bring in some lighter (visually and physically) sheer ones… or ditch them all together!  This will maximize the amount of sunlight that enters your home.

It’s All About Color.

Colors have a huge impact on our moods and emotions. With that being said, colors are one of the easiest ways to boost our moods, but this one is a bit more personalized to your opinion and outlook on certain colors and how they make you feel. For example, if a dark blue shade makes you feel sleepy, that may not be a color you should incorporate in your main living space.  Be sure to incorporate shades of a color that you know makes you feel happy all around your home. Whether it’s a splash of it in the rug, a color of a pillow, or the color of your walls.

If you really feel bold and need a new sofa, I am loving a bold pop of color in the sofa!


Research shows that clutter immediately makes a person feel overwhelmed and negatively impacts their mood.  It is also known to make individuals feel stressed and depressed. On top of that, clutter breaks concentration, so rather focusing on the beautiful piece of art you just hung on the wall, the attention of your guests will be on the stack of boxes in the corner of the room. Decluttering rooms in your home will allow your mind to do the same when you walk into a room.

Pro-tip: Clear your countertops and table tops of unnecessary junk and toss the items you need to keep in a storage basket instead – they’re cute and practical! I love them for additional throw pillows or blankets too.

Where to find them? World Market or good old Target usually has some great, budget friendly baskets!

Where to put them? Place them by your sofa, bed, accent chair, dresser, or tuck them under a console table.

If you need assistance making adjustments to your home, contact me to learn more.

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