The Not-So-Minimal Impact Minimalism Can Have on a Room

The Not-So-Minimal Impact Minimalism Can Have on a Room

When you hear the term minimalism, what comes to mind? Cold? Sparse? Empty? Colorless? I couldn’t disagree more. Instead, I think clean elegance, simplicity, refinement, comfort, and function. Minimalism may be minor on the bells and whistles, but it does have a huge impact on your space.

So, what is minimalism? According to the experts at Décor Aid Mag, it is “toned down décor” with a “less is more” attitude. Minimalism is marked by features like statement art, strongly shaped furniture, architectural details, and neutral colors like white, cream, black, and gray. When you successfully combine these elements, you will create a minimalist space that is still full of personality!

Statement Art

A common misconception about minimalism is that your walls should remain empty. However, decorating with art that incorporates graphic touch and simple lines can be just the touch to bring a minimalist room together!




Strongly Shaped Furniture

If you are interested in minimalism for your next home project, investing in a few strong pieces of furniture is a MUST. But what is “strongly shaped” furniture? Much like statement art, look for pieces that have simple, clean lines, with a designer’s edge, and made with premium, high quality materials. Minimalist furniture should also be functional so that you can reduce any clutter in your space. Functional, convenient, and elegant!

Architectural Details

To achieve the perfect minimalist look in your kitchen and bathroom, look to architecture of major cities like New York and Paris for inspiration! I love the clean, geometric look of subway tiles.  Marble and concrete are other popular and suave options.

Neutral Colors

Minimalist spaces are devoid of bright, primary, and jewel-toned colors, but that doesn’t mean you can only work with black and white. Neutrals are your friend when designing a minimalist room, and there are really so many options for tan, gray, and cream (check out my white paint blog to see what I mean!).

What are your favorite elements of minimalism? Do you need some more inspiration? Head on over to my Charlestown bachelorette pad renovation to see how I paired neutral colors and architectural details to create a cozy, chic, bright but still minimalist look!



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