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33 Commercial Wharf
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Boston Design Center

Boston Design Center

Visiting the Boston Design Center is always inspiring. You can get lost going from floor to floor checking out the different variety of showrooms. I easily spend a few hours there every time I go, exploring everything but what I came for until the very end. One of the things I love most is walking into a fully staged marble kitchen and indulging in the inspiration, looking all of the different tile patterns, textures, and colors. There’s something about a kitchen that evokes the feeling of home. That really helps me to bring a design concept to life. When you can feel the vision and mood of the space that’s when the magic happens.

Even the hallways are eye catching – upholstered walls, oversized lamp shades, eclipse chandeliers, and a striking carpet. If you happen to be in the area, make sure to pop in. It’s well worth the visit!




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