The Best Ways to Use Aegean Teal in 2021

The Best Ways to Use Aegean Teal in 2021

It would be an understatement to say that 2020. Has. Been. A. Year! We’ve had: a worldwide pandemic, election chaos, too many TikTok dances, not one but TWO Bachelorettes in the same season (most dramatic season EVER), and an earthquake here in Massachusetts to top it off. I’m scared to ask “What’s next,” but I am SO looking forward to 2021 – especially with brands and design houses beginning to release their 2021 COTYs (Colors of the Year). I’m currently crushing on Benjamin Moore’s selection, Aegean Teal. The name alone has me looking up flights to the Mediterranean. But if we have to be homebound a few more months, I wouldn’t mind spending my time looking at this hue throughout my living space!

Kitchen + Dining Areas

The first stop for Aegean Teal is absolutely the kitchen area. With lots of us becoming home chefs (or at least Hello Fresh connoisseurs) this past year, now is the perfect time to upgrade your space. The versatility of Aegean Teal makes it a great choice for either your walls or your island and cabinets. I’m partial to the island – it can really create a WOW factor in your kitchen. Think about pairing the look with natural elements like wicker, bamboo, or cork– it will make your space extra balanced.


I’m not going to let paint get all of the spotlight here! These Aegean Teal inspired wallpapers are perfect for a funkier, more modern space. Like I mentioned earlier – note the pairing with neutral and natural pieces and accents. It truly makes the calming nature of the color come alive.


Since Aegean Teal is such a soothing color, it’s a perfect choice for a bedroom renovation. The rich, deep shade is a great choice for an accent wall, but I also think it would be GORGEOUS if you went with a monochrome look. What do you think – which way do you prefer?

Home Office

The home office is the It Girl of Interior Design in 2020. With so many of us moving to remote or hybrid work and school situations, now is the time to have the office of your dreams. Why not start with a fresh coat of Aegean Teal? Its calming nature will make even the worst work days feel great.

Exteriors + Entryways

Honestly, I couldn’t pick a better way to welcome friends and family into my home (while practicing social distancing guidelines, of course!) than with Aegean Teal. The color just gives off a nurturing, welcoming vibe – perfect for a front door or entryway.

Now that I’ve outlined how I want to use Aegean Teal in 2021, do you feel inspired to start your next project? Or is there another room you want to work on? Send me an email and let’s get started on your 2021 goals!








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