Style Your Bed Like a Pro

Style Your Bed Like a Pro

Are you looking for a good resolution for 2020? How about making your bed every day! Did you know that starting your day off with making your bed can lead to more productivity, lower stress, and brighten your mood? That’s enough reason for me! I’ve outlined four tips to help you make this everyday chore glamorous and fun this year.

Tip #1: Pillow Talk

Match the larger shams to the duvet and place them behind your day pillows. You can also stack them for a more modern look. There’s no perfect number when it comes to accent pillows. Really, it’s what you’re willing to move each night! I usually go with a 3:2 that match in size and color, and 1 smaller one or lumbar.

Tip #2: Sheets and Duvet

Put the flat sheet in reverse so the softness envelops you when you get in bed. Also, the finished side will then be exposed when you fold the banding back. Fold the duvet in half then pull it back into thirds. This makes it look extra fluffy and leaves room for everything else.

Tip #3: Let’s Talk Size

For a king bed, go with 24-26 inch decorative pillows while using king shams. For a queen bed, use a 22-26 inch.

Tip #4: Finishing Touches

The finishing touches that pull it all together? Folding a throw blanket at the foot of the bed is a good start, or drape is along the side. It can help pull your color scheme together and add texture. Then spend some time styling your nightstands – stack a few books and place accessories to finish the look.

Will styling your bed be your interior design resolution for 2020? Or do you have another type of goal in mind? Let me know how I can help you in 2020 AND the next decade (sorry, just HAD to throw in the dad joke) 😊

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