Spring 2019 Trends

Spring 2019 Trends

You know the old saying “March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb”? It may usher in thoughts of tranquil spring days, but 2019’s spring interior design trends are anything but! Keep reading to learn more about these vibrant and fierce styles to be on the lookout for!

Mix – Match Patterns

Mixing and matching patterns into your already well-established style can be an intimidating thought. You like the overall look of the room, and adding patterns will just make everything clash! Wrong. Mixed and matched patterns are making a comeback! The trick here isn’t sticking with one pattern, but sticking to one color palette, which creates a sense of cohesion throughout a room or your home.

source: Architectural Digest


Designers use texture to create feelings of both comfort and luxury. This spring’s texture trends is a mix of both fine craftsmanship and pastoral accents. Use woven linens, pillows, and throws in your bedroom, sitting room, or living room to invoke feelings of coziness and times passed for you and your guests. Tip: Pair locally designed pieces with organic, ethically made materials.

source: Apartment Therapy


The 2017 Pantone Color of the Year was Greenery, and the shade is definitely making a comeback this spring.  Green’s zest reminds us that spring is finally here, and it’s time to take a deep breath and refresh after a long winter. One of the best ways to utilize green in your interior design is to go the all natural route – literally! Turn a sunny living room into a green house, and voila! Spring is here to stay.

source: Desiree Burns Interiors


Shibori is a pleat and bind fabric dying technique. It is originated from 8th century Japan. Look for the pattern not only on linens, but also to freshen up your tableware and place settings when entertaining guests this spring.

source: Jane at Home


Warm, chic metallic tones are another trend to keep your eye out for this spring. You may see this trend as an accent color, or as the primary finish for an entire piece of furniture. Metallics will also give your lighting fixtures and wall doctor a sophisticated look and feel.

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