Have You Seen Our Feature in Domino Magazine Yet!?

Have You Seen Our Feature in Domino Magazine Yet!?

Last week, I was featured in one of my favorite design publications and I could not be more excited!  Earlier this year my husband and I bought a home in Newport, Rhode Island with a beachy vibe… but I had bigger plans for the space.  Naturally, this is one of my favorite projects not only because I get to enjoy it every weekend, but also because Domino Magazine featured the finished look that I poured my heart and soul into!

When we first purchased the house, it was covered in seashells and the walls were painted in a coastal baby blue.  The layout was spacious and had so much potential and I was immediately flooded with so many ideas on how to make this home our own.

The home lies on a beautiful landscape overcome by nature and surrounded by big trees and endless greenery. With the beach only a five minute walk away and the wildlife surrounding us, I couldn’t help but feel inspired by all the nature.  When dreaming of the finished look, I envisioned an outcome that not only reflected my design style, but that felt luxurious as well as beachy.

One of my goals was to take that inspiration I felt outdoors and bring it inside.  Throughout the house, you will notice I incorporated a lot of plant accents and nature-styled art to accomplish that feel.  There is a plant in almost every room as well as nature-themed prints and wallpapers in the bedrooms and bathrooms.









I can’t wait to continue to feel inspired by our new home and make endless memories in it with friends and family!  To check out the full article, click here! 

Love the look of this home? Desiree is taking on projects for Fall/Winter.

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