Rainy Day Home Decor Solutions

Rainy Day Home Decor Solutions

With summer right around the corner, we can only hope the weather starts to reflect the heat and sunshine we are all hoping for! Unfortunately, summer also brings rain, which means dirty shoes and wet coats… Yuck! Luckily for you, there are some great home décor solutions that will help you, your kids, your dogs and anyone else who enters your home, keep the outside weather out!

Coat Hooks:
Make sure you have a designated area for wet coats and jackets.  If you have young kids, you can make one side of the coat rack for wet coats and one side for dry coats! If you have wet-sensitive floors, be sure to put a waterproof mat directly below the coats so it catches any extra drips!

Umbrella Holder:
Umbrellas are great for keeping you safe from the open sky, but the aftermath can be a total mess! After you shake the umbrella outside, having a place to store them inside is a key solution for keeping your home as dry as possible.  A bin or basket to drop your umbrellas in ensures your mudroom stays dry and makes for an easy-to-clean aftermath.

Rugs & Mats:
Rugs are a necessity in any mud room that expects to see dirty shoes. Having a rug will pick up any excess water or dirt from muddy shoes or soaking coats. Rugs are a must-have especially if you have clumsy kids or a dog that just can’t keep out of those puddles!

Speaking of Dogs…
If you have a digging, diving, running-in-puddles kind of dog like I do, storing towels in your homes entry is never a bad idea. This nips the wet, muddy paws in the butt, and allows you to safely lead your dog to the bathroom for a bath without seeing his tracks!  To add a touch of style, store your towels on a wooden ladder to save space on your coat hooks!

Designated Shoe Storage
Odds are, the shoes you or your children wear outside when it rains are meant to get wet. In this case, having a water proof storage bin for wet shoes is another must-have on a rainy day!  This bin quite literally could save your life as it saves your floors and the time it would take you to clean them!


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