Nine Easy Ways to Switch Up Your Home Design

Nine Easy Ways to Switch Up Your Home Design

If you are spending a bit more time at home, you might be looking for a few ways to switch up your everyday home design. Although it might be hard to have someone come to your house to repaint walls or install new carpet, there are a lot of things you can do on your own to change things up! Here are some of my nine favorite interior design hacks that you can easily do right now:


Add Some Flowers

With many florist shops closed, it’s easy to make the best of what’s around in the meantime! Add water to any clear vase you have and stick in some faux blooms. You’ll have a lifelike look instantaneously!


Make Your Bed

This may seem small, but try making your bed in a different way than normal (and every morning!) Check out some of my tips here.


Try a New Curtain Technique

Curtains are a functional part of a room, but they can also add so much color and texture to a space. Read some of my tips for hanging curtains, and you will notice a big change immediately!


Move Your Big Pieces

This may seem obvious, but moving a bigger item like a rug or table out of a room opens up space and changes everything!

Mix It Up

To create a new vibe, mix different materials and see what happens. For example, I love mixing different metals, as well as different linens and textiles.

Show Your Stuff!

If you have a special heirloom or investment piece, place it somewhere in your home where it can be front and center, and enjoyed by everyone in your family.

Throw Pillows Galore

More pillows create a luxurious look to any room. Do you like how I styled these bedrooms in my Newport project?

Wall Space

Move your furniture away from walls and towards the middle of a room. Everything will feel less cramped and will flow better.

Mind Games

If you have a larger art piece, place it high on your wall. This will create an illusion of a larger space.


Have you done any redecorating since spending more time at home? Let me know any tips or techniques that have worked for you!



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