How to Hang Curtains Like an Interior Designer

How to Hang Curtains Like an Interior Designer

If you’ve ever wondered how to hang curtains, you’re not alone. Curtains help pull a room together and make it more polished.  Besides all of the functional boxes curtains check, like light and privacy, they are also a great way to add color or texture to a space.

When selecting and staging your curtains, there are 4 things you should ALWAYS consider:


Regardless of your window size, the curtain should always, always reach the floor. I hate to break the news, but high-water pants are not a good look on you OR your curtains. I personally like a puddled curtain, meaning you have a few inches of fabric on the ground.  You can also tailor them to just touch the floor if that is more your style.

Source: Amber Interiors



Select a rod wider than your window. This allows the panels to breathe on either side and gives the illusion of a larger window. The general rule of thumb is to go 8-12” wider than your window.

Source: My Domaine


You want your curtains to look and feel full.  Make sure you have enough curtain material to double the width of your window.


Lighter fabrics such as linens feel casual and filter light. Denser fabrics like velvet feel more formal and provide more privacy, they also can darken a room due to the light blocking qualities and heavy weight so keep that in mind.

Now that you’ve read my tips and tricks for curtain hanging, you should be ready to tackle the window treatments in your own home! If you still have questions, I’d love to be of service. Schedule a consultation with me today!

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