Getting Romantic with Interior Design

Getting Romantic with Interior Design

Love is in the air, but how do you decorate with it? You may think that a romantic design style means pinks, reds, frills, and cupids, but I’m here to tell you it should be chic. By following the traditional interior design method, you can make any space romantic all year round, and not just for Valentine’s Day.


Romantic interior design is about appealing to the five sense. Anything satin or silk will feel soft and luxurious to the touch. Imagine laying your head down on satin pillows at night, or opening soft, silk curtains to let in the morning light. (Pro tip and added bonus: sleeping on a silk or satin pillow will help lengthen the amount of time your hair stays smooth and styled after a blow-out!)


It’s no secret that I’m obsessed with floral wallpaper. Floral patterns are a great, funky way to add a romantic flair to any room. This trend is so in for 2020 as well. You can go big and bold, or small and intricate. Which style do you prefer?


Painted Furniture

Nothing says romance like Paris, the City of Love. The Parisian style is very similar to the romantic interior style. A hallmark of the Parisian style is painted furniture. I love refurbished antique pieces, especially repainting an older piece of furniture. For a less stuffy, more chic look, I suggest refinishing your new favorite antique with a bold color like blue, or a clean, bright white.


Filtered Lighting

For a soft, gentle ambiance, gauzy curtains are your best friend. This fabric selection will keep the light from hurting your eyes and create a comforting feel to any room.

Creating a romantic vibe in your next interior design project doesn’t have to be hearts and glitter. With roots in the traditional style, you can create a timeless, classic room that appeals to all of the senses. Do you want to try this for your next project, or do you want to try something else? Let me know!



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