Four Marvelous Ways to Use Marble in Your Home

Four Marvelous Ways to Use Marble in Your Home

Marble has been on my mind for a while now, and why shouldn’t it be? The stone material isn’t a cold, austere, or gaudy trend anymore. Using marble in your next interior design project can be chic, glam, and fun! Let me show you how:

Walls and Backsplash

Marble can seem overdone and kitschy if there is too much of it. Since less is always more, try using marble as a focal wall, or even a kitchen backsplash. I love how the white marble in some of these kitchens opens the room and brings in a lot of light.



Marble Tabletops and Countertops

Marble is a standard for countertops, but what do you think about using as a table? Since marble can have expensive upkeep, I suggest having a marble coffee table or similar. The medium would be great for a small work space (hello, tulip tables!), or light snacks with company in your living room. Some other sweet marble table options could be some chic end tables, or even a tabletop in your front entrance way, decorated with the freshest flowers, of course.


Marble Lamps

Lamps are a great way to incorporate marble into your home. Place on your bedside table or vanity for an instant chic look. If you are having trouble finding the perfect lamp, Pinterest has some great DIY ideas!



From vanities to offices to kitchens – there’s no limit to accessorizing your space with cute marble accents! I personally LOVE a marble coaster or make-up holder, but what do you like?



I’m absolutely losing my marbles about marble, but what are some other stones or mediums that you are interested in working with? Let me know in the comments or send me an email!



Images: Pinterest


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