Four Decorating Tips to Make You Feel Festive

Four Decorating Tips to Make You Feel Festive

I have a little confession to make – I do not put up my holiday decorations the day after Thanksgiving! I know that after a year like 2020, many wanted to get their tidings and tinsel up early, but there are too many decorating trends and ideas that I love for the holidays. It’s so hard to pick a theme every year to decorate my home! To help, I’ve rounded up four styling tips that help make my decision easier. Is something missing from my list, though? How do you like to decorate for the most wonderful time of the year?

Keep It Simple

Chances are, you won’t do a 180 and create a winter wonderland just for December. That’s why I love simple, minimalist holiday theming. Neutral, warm colors with sweet accents like jingle bells and evergreens can carry you through the season. But if you’re looking for brighter, more glam looks – read on for some tips!


Try Non-Traditional Colors

The holiday season doesn’t need to just be chintz, red, and green. By switching up your color palette, you can achieve a chic, modern look and stand out from the crowd. Consider the ever-popular rose gold, or even a nice, chilly blue as a palette. I am personally loving the jewel toned look. It continues nicely into New Year’s festivities too. This bar cart is definitely giving me major champagne wishes and caviar dreams for 2021!

Don’t Forget Glam Touches

…I know that I never would! With any kind of color palette, there is always room for glitz and glam, especially around the holidays. Gold and silver touches are always classic, but don’t be afraid of trying a chromed out pink or blue. You can also mix in different jewel accents – what do you think of these pearl ornaments?

Experiment With Textures

It’s the happiest season of all – AND the coziest! What are your thoughts on different textures in your holiday decorating? I know that I love snuggling up this time of year next to the fireplace and under a warm blanket! I love seeing a mix of different pillows and blankets in a space, but I especially love how multi-dimensional this mantel is. A macramé garland is usually very boho, but additional fiber and wool touches on the fireplace make it more modern.

With only weeks until the end of the year – are you still going to decorate for the holidays? Are you thinking ahead to 2021? Let me know how I can help this year and beyond!



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