Four Classic Fall Trends I’m Falling For

Four Classic Fall Trends I’m Falling For

This summer went by in a FLASH, but I am still so excited for my fall standards like apple picking, pumpkin-spice everything, and chunky sweaters. Another thing I love about fall is a new season of trends to explore. Take a look at some of my faves for the season.

Floral and Foliage Arrangements

Now that we are into fall and almost into spooky season, I’m sure you’ll be seeing a lot of fall foliage, floral arrangements, and pumpkins on your Instagram feed. I definitely love flowers all times of the year, but fall is a great time to experiment with darker hues and more chic arrangements, like this gorgeous, semi-gothic bouquet. If you aren’t feeling these dark colors, you can always opt for more classic fall hues like oranges and reds. I prefer to keep these colors subdued though, and the same goes for my pumpkin usage. While you don’t need to bring the whole pumpkin patch inside, I love little nods to the season like this ceramic pumpkin jar paired with fresh flowers.

Layered Lighting

Fall definitely means candles, and you guys know I LOVE brass. Brass candlesticks are a really fun way to layer your lighting and give your tablespaces and mantels a glam touch. If you’re looking to add some more light to a candle-filled room, I definitely recommend sconces. They are super functional, and great for those late nights when you’re lost in a great new book.

Cozy Spaces

Fall is synonymous with cozy at this point, so there is really no better time to set yourself up with a cozy little nook. I love layering in different textures, and also bringing in natural, warm elements like unfinished wood, rattan, and plants.

Monochrome Color

As summer fades, I understand that it is hard to get away from bright colors and transition to neutrals. That’s why I love the monochromatic trend. You can still do bright bold color, but the simplicity reminds me a lot of the fall season. What do you think of these dramatic rooms below?

Do you have any upcoming projects that could utilize these classic fall trends? Let me know in the comments or shoot me an email!


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