Five 2018 Trends Here to Stay for 2019

Five 2018 Trends Here to Stay for 2019

It’s surreal to think there are only four months left of 2018! So far this year we have seen lots of trends in the design industry, both inspiring and downright scary.  In light of how quickly time is passing, I thought it would be great to cover the top 2018 design trends thus far!

Even though there are only four short months left of the year, it’s not too late to join in on these trends and spice up your home before the New Year!


GEOMETRIC ACCENT TABLES AND TILES – Geometric pieces were a predicted design trend for 2018 that definitely took off.  Specifically tiles and tables, and is a trend I represented in multiple design projects of mine this year! According to Elle DÉCOR, geometric accent tables are up 536% this year with geometric tiles up 238%.


BRINGING THE OUTSIDE IN – Whether it’s bringing in more potted plants, adding in accent pieces that reflect natural wood, or framing pictures of plants, more and more homeowners have been bringing the outside in for that complete “natural” look.  It’s a beautiful and timeless look that you can incorporate no matter what year it is.


FRINGED FURNITURE – Similar to the return of fringe in fashion world, fringe has made a comeback in the interior design industry this year as well.  From tassels on your everyday throw pillow to fringe hanging from a chandelier, people everywhere having been incorporating fringe into their homes this year.


STATEMENT RUGS– Statement rugs is a trend the design industry has seen skyrocket in 2018.  They are a perfect way to reflect your personality in your home and is one of the best ways to truly pull a room together.


CEMENT TILE – Cement tile are handmade colorful tiles that can be used on both floors and walls for that custom-made-look. They look beautiful as a backsplash in your kitchen, floors in your bathroom, or on a full wall in your at-home office. Not only do they look good on any surface area you choose, but they also don’t break the bank!


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