Desiree’s Guide to Summer Entertaining

Desiree’s Guide to Summer Entertaining

One of my favorite parts of summer is entertaining friends and family on my back patio. As a host or hostess, the comfort of your guests is of the utmost importance, but so is making sure you have a chic and stylish space. I’ve organized your party planning décor into four sections – if you can nail these areas, I can assure that your next event will be a success!

Furniture and Seating

Home goods stores carry great outdoor patio sets, but have you ever considered using what you already have? A summer trend in outdoor entertaining is to re-purpose your indoor furniture as outdoor furniture. It will save you some money and create a comforting, homey environment for your guests that will encourage conversation and mingling. Another tip: use your furniture to create small spaces within your yard or patio!

Drinking and Dining Area

When it comes to cocktails, something light and crisp is the best way to go for the summer (my personal favorite is the Aperol spritz). Definitely set up a little bar area for your guests to mingle and create their own concoctions. If you don’t have a bar, get creative and make a bar cart!

As for dining, I love serving fresh fruits and salad, paired with yummy grilled entrees like steak and salmon. Finish up with a fun dessert like a layered parfait and you’ve had a great party! I definitely suggest ditching a tablecloth to decrease the clean-up and avoid any weather mishaps. If you do need to use one, use heavier decorations on your table spread to prevent the cloth from blowing away.


If you’re entertaining outdoors, use that as your inspiration! If you have a garden – use the beautiful flowers you’ve been growing. Live by the beach? Go on a seashell expedition.



Lighting will definitely set the mood for your next party, and can also keep your guests comfortable!

If you have an overhead or gazebo space in your yard, an overhead, outdoor chandelier will definitely brighten up your space. You can also consider using battery-operated tea lights throughout your space (plus, a summer breeze won’t accidentally put them out!).



Mix your artificial lighting with more natural lighting, too. I love a lot of things about summer, but bugs and mosquitoes are not any of them. Using citronella candles and torches can make your space look fun, and lets guests linger outside after dinner and drinks are complete!


Are you ready to plan your next summer soiree, or do you need some additional tips? Let me help! Contact me now to start designing the summertime party haven of your dreams!




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