Dark and Spooky Paint Colors I Love

Dark and Spooky Paint Colors I Love

Halloween is one of my favorite days of the year – how can it not be?! I love everything spooky!  As I’ve been browsing for this year’s perfect costume, I’ve been thinking about how to incorporate a dark, moody vibe into my design portfolio. An easy, simple way to start is with a darker paint color. Take a look at some of my favorite hues here!



Fun fact about me: I love utilizing black paint in my projects! Take a look at these the two bedrooms I designed. Black focal walls are perfect for an introspective look, even in warmer months.




If black is a little too dark for your tastes, navy and these next few colors are wonderful options. What I love about navy is its versatility as both a primary and an accent color. Do you prefer it as a wall paint, or for something like this gorgeous kitchen island from my Milton project?

Hunter Green

Hunter green is another hue that really brings the drama to a room. Mix this color with whites and blacks to really bring in the light. Or, if you are feeling somber, you could try adding in floral touches and accents.


Red shades bring a lot of excitement and energy to a room, but going with a darker version can create a subdued vibe. Much like green, add in some black and white touches to make the space even more welcoming.


You guys know how much I love gray, so of course it would be on this spooky paint list. This gorgeous neutral looks great in just about every room, but I am absolutely dying (no pun intended) over this all gray kitchen. Would you try a monochrome look like this?

Are you ready to incorporate any of these looks into your home? Let me know how I can help with your next spooky (or not spooky!) project!







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