Choosing Rugs Like a Pro

Choosing Rugs Like a Pro

Have you ever wondered how interior designers pick *just* the right rugs for rooms? It’s actually easier than you think! Check out these secret tricks of the trade I’ve learned throughout the years that make rug selection a cinch.

Rugs 101

These basic sizing tips are a good place to get started:

  • Define dimensions of a room with measuring tape.
  • Keep at least 18 inches of bare floor exposed by the rug’s edges.
  • REMEMBER: Larger rugs can make a room appear bigger.


Bedroom Rugs

For bedroom spaces, I like either a 9×12 or 8×10 piece, with all bed legs on the rug. It’s kind of a catch-all for your other furniture as well, such as nightstands or an end of the bed trunk. However, I recommend having some furniture remain outside of the rug. As I said above – keep at least 18 inches of bare floor exposed by the rug’s edges.

My favorite bedroom rug style though is the 2/3 method. This means that you leave 18-24 inches of space, with your bed resting on both the floor and the rug. Your nightstand should also be on the floor and not the rug. For best results, use this method with an 8×10 rug with either a queen or king size bed.

If you prefer smaller, more petite rugs, you can opt for runners on each side of the bed. This is a fun his and hers option for the bedroom. This style is best for a bed that sits directly against a wall. INSIDER TIP: don’t let the runner extend past your bed, and ensure it is slightly wider than your nightstand.

Dining Room Rugs

The shape and size of your dining room table should help you select your rug choice. Rectangular table? Rectangular rug. Circular table? Circular rug.


Living Room Rugs

Like with bedrooms, I’ll start with how to style a room with a large, 9×12 rug. If you have an open concept room and prefer to have furniture “floating” (not against a wall), I suggest this size. Place all your furniture on the rug; this will create a cohesive look with defined seating areas.


Another popular trend (which admittedly isn’t one of my favorites) is placing just your coffee table on a smaller rug. This is a good option for small or narrow spaces and can create an illusion of a larger room. You’ll want to get your dimensions just right, though, so make sure you select a rug that fits both your coffee table AND couches or chairs.

I hope this blog was helpful in any upcoming projects you have! If you are still stumped on selecting the right rug for your home, I would be happy to help 😊


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