Bringing Personality To White Spaces

Bringing Personality To White Spaces

Who says white rooms have to be boring? There are so many different ways to up the ante on your white interiors. Incorporating textures, metals, greenery, and fun accent colors are just a few ways to get you started on embellishing your all white space. One of my favorite (and one of the easiest) ways to add some life to your space is to incorporate plants, flowers, or both into the design. There’s an immediate cozy, lived-in vibe that invites you and your guests to want to sit and stay a while.


When your entry way needs a little color and life, there’s no better way to make a bold statement than to splash some color on the door. In this space, the blush colored door, wallpapered pattern walls, gold accents including a “hello I’m here” chandelier, and greenery sprinkled throughout the room gives it swoon-worthy vibes.


A copper sheet wrapped counter base adds interesting contrast to this black and white modern kitchen. The bold metal brings interest and contrast to the monochromatic color palette.


A family of plants in an empty corner of a room immediately brightens up the space and adds vibrancy and life. Add another pop of color in the artwork or accessories to pull it all together.


Pick an accent color and incorporate it into a piece of furniture or accessories whether that be chairs or throw pillows, an accent color will liven up white walls. Wood textures and plants lend a soft, coastal feeling to this dining area. Doesn’t this make you feel relaxed?


Stark contrast, pattern, and a mix of textures make this bohemian inspired oasis notably stylish. Pops of black and a blend of patterns make what could be a bland space ever interesting. Can you pick a favorite pattern?

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