Bohemian Modern Design Looks To Inspire

Bohemian Modern Design Looks To Inspire

Modern bohemian design is one of my favorite styles to work with. I’m currently working on a living room design for a client that lives in Chicago. She has a fun bohemian style and is not afraid to take risks, always heaven for me. I love working with that style because I get to incorporate a blend of fun colors and textures that might otherwise be overwhelming for other tastes. I really get some creative freedom here and I love it!

Look 1

For look one I used grey, mint and pink as the main color palette. Wood and fur pieces incorporate texture which is a key component when creating a bohemian design, always think texture and layering! Plants help add some life to the room. Soft metal accents bring in feminine touches.



Look 2

In this design I used cooler tones like rose, charcoal, and blue. Again, fur and wood show face in many items to create the cool, bohemian vibe. The patterned pillows and carved room divider add additional texture here. The floral patterned rug adds a touch of delicacy and femininity.


Which look would you love to mimic in your own living room?




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