6 Surprising Home Staging Tips

A home staging project from Desiree Burns Interiors.

6 Surprising Home Staging Tips

Chances are, most of the home staging tips you’ve heard before are intuitive. Clear clutter, minimize personal belongings, give the house a deep clean. These are necessary steps for staging, albeit a little obvious. It’s hard for potential buyers to picture their future in a house that’s full of personal items or looks worn out. Once you’ve got these bases covered, what are extra steps that will elevate your home listing to the next level?

These insider tips may be surprising, but take my word for it, they’ll help your listing sell.

1. Don’t be afraid of color.

You’ve probably heard that it’s all about the neutrals in home staging. While it’s true that bold colors on the walls has the potential to alienate buyers, that doesn’t mean the space should be bland. Paint just an accent wall to draw attention to the highlight of a room, whether it’s a beautiful set of windows or a dramatic fireplace.

2. Mix and match styles.

Add depth and interest to your spaces by combining different styles. Imagine coastal modern, or contemporary cottage.

3. Remember the little details.

Small, carefully placed additions can immediately activate a buyer’s imagination and conjure thoughts that make them comfortable in the space. For example, including white robes and white towels in the bathrooms can subconsciously cause buyers to think of relaxing vacation or spa experience.

4. Be heavy handed with the pillows.

Pillows automatically make a space feel more comfortable and warmer. Toss extra pillows on sofas and the bed. Pillows are also an opportune palette for fun, small doses of color, texture, and pattern.

5. Odd numbers are your friend.

Odd numbers are eye-pleasing. Group accessories in odd numbers by color, shape, or texture, but make sure they vary in height and width to add interest.

6. Upgrade with eco-friendly materials.

There is a growing market for houses that are considered green. If you need to refurbish dated aspects of a home, use eco-friendly materials. Consider using cork flooring and recycled glass. Cork flooring is half the price of traditional hardwood flooring and is very durable. Recycled glass tile can add a unique, green-glam to a dated bathroom or kitchen. Buyers are willing to pay more for environmentally-friendly homes.

If you’re looking to speed up the sale of your listings, while scoring a higher selling price, consider Desiree Burns Interiors staging service. Desiree uses her designer expertise to make homes pop in pictures and wow potential buyers. If you’d like to learn more about the home staging service, please fill out your information below and we’ll be in touch shortly.

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