4 Denim Interior Design Ideas

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4 Denim Interior Design Ideas

It’s time to take denim out of the closet and into your living spaces.

Small doses of denim can give any room a classic dash of casual. It’s a versatile, timeless fabric that with the right touch, feels natural in any home. Just like your favorite pair of jeans that can be dressed up or down, depending on the shade and style, denim can give a modern room a casual touch of comfort, or a more traditional space an urban edge.

Whether it’s a splash of denim on the wall, or a large statement piece, these are my ideas for working denim into a space.

1. Rug

Denim is a durable fabric, which makes it a great option for a rug. The inevitable wear and tear of time will actually enhance a denim rug’s cool factor, just like how your oldest jeans get better with time. A textured denim rug lain on a hardwood floor is a timeless pairing.

Source: Oak furnitureland

2. Sofa

A cozy denim couch shines as the centerpiece of a living room. Denim couches mesh well with a variety of styles, whether it’s eclectic, contemporary, traditional, chic, or something in between!

denim interior design sofa

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3. Statement wall

Go for a deeper shade of denim for a stately background, or opt for more muted, pale shades for a softer look. You can fully embrace denim with wallpaper or texturized paint that fully replicates the style of denim, or choose a more subtle nod to denim and pick a shade of indigo paint. Blue is a relaxing, calming color, so a denim statement wall would be natural fit for a bedroom.

Source: www. diningandlivingroom.com

4. Accessories

Not totally sold on the denim trend? Accessories can be a great palette for trends. If you ever get sick of the denim trend, swap them out for the next “in” thing. In the kitchen insert pops of denim in the form of mugs, placemats, tea towels, plates, aprons, or oven mitts. Denim kitchen gear pairs particularly well with white-dominated color schemes. In living rooms or bedrooms, embrace fun texture in the form of denim throws, pillows, or wall hangings.

denim interior design accessories

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