2018 Spring Trends!

2018 Spring Trends!

Spring is right around the corner which means spring cleaning and new looks! After a dreary, long winter we are ready for the grass to grow, flowers to bloom and birds to chirp.  But enough about what it’s going to look like outside, we are more excited about what’s about to happen inside! Let’s talk style. Check out these 8 spring trends to get excited for and spice up your home because spring is on its way!

  • Wood
    • Wood is one of the easiest and affordable ways to bring in the spring tone you want for your home. Items you bring in could include anything from a small centerpiece, candle holder, coffee table or a wooden basket to throw a blanket in.

  • Center pieces
    • Center pieces will likely never go out of style, but center pieces in the spring absolutely flourish. Pull in the kids or the boyfriend and get creative with some crates, candle holders, glass vases and some flowers for a DIY look you can be proud of.

  • Plants and flowers
    • Plants and flowers are always a great way to acquire that spring feeling in the comfort of your home. If you want the above and beyond spring look, put them in a wooden crate or woven piece for a blissful spring style.

  • Colored Terrazzo
    • Terrazzo is simply gorgeous and a great way to add color and texture in one piece! If you have a bigger project in mind, think about adding some terrazzo on the bathroom floor or in the shower.
  • Glass pieces
    • Whether you pull in glass string lights, a table, chairs, or even a glass vase with a candle inside, glass pieces are a simple, trendy and stylish way to spice up the rest of your home. Add an item with a touch of your favorite pale color in the glass to pull the look together.

  • Geometric Textiles
    • Clashing is never an issue when it comes to geometric textiles. This pattern can easily be found in throw pillows, blankets and even in dining plates.

  • Marble- Esque
    • Marble-esque is a perfect option to find style, tone and texture all in one. Marble may be on its way out, but prepare yourself for an esque overload in the best way possible this spring and summer. And look out for pink!

  • Tropicalia/ boho
    • This is a great style that typically re-surfaces every spring-season. Tropicalia and boho styles are an easy way to pull in some color and chic after a weary and dark winter. A woven foot rest, hanging plants and rustic wood are all great ways to get the boho-chic spring look you’re going for.

  • Gold tones
    • Pull in some gold tones to get a rustic spring vibe around the house. Start off small and fall in love with the simple character it brings to your home.

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